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 Method of Remittance:
1.Western Union
    Western Union Quick Pay service allows both in-country and international customers to send payments directly. This easy, reliable service transfers payments electronically in minutes and eliminates the time delays and multiple fees often associated with other payment methods. Where available, funds can be automatically converted into your local currency. And it's provided by Western Union, a world leader in money transfer services.

How It Works:
      - You can simply bring cash payment in local currency to a participating Western Union Agent location, pays a low fixed fee and obtains a receipt.
- Minutes later, you'll receive payment confirmation via our secure website. Funds are then directly deposited to your bank account approximately within 48 hours. Learn more about pls visit the website 
2. Moneygram
      MoneyGram has been providing trusted payment and financial services since 1940.  The safe, fast way to send and receive money worldwide.  MoneyGram
How It Works:
Learn more about pls visit the website Http://
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